Child Criminal Exploitation & County Lines

County lines is an increasing social issue that has turned the heads of many young people in the UK today.

The lure of money, drugs and significance in their peer groups attracts the most vulnerable children into this violent, unpredictable and chaotic lifestyle.

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County Lines & CCE

Paul’s personal experiences of child exploitation as a naive and impressionable child in North Liverpool now serves him well when dealing with at risk children and families at an intervention level.

By using an authentic and realistic approach, Paul can connect in a relatable way. Changing language to suit the issues and tailoring his interventions has given Paul a reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable County Lines and Child Criminal Exploitation intervention consultants in the North-West of England.

Paul co-founded the Lewis Dunne Foundation and is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at Liverpool University School of Law and Social Justice Department. He lectures at Hope, John Moore’s & UCLAN University and other institutes across the UK. He has been a keynote speaker at Conferences regarding Reducing Reoffending and Desisting in Criminal Behaviour.

We offer support for Schools, Alternative Provisions or any organisation that needs to up-skill, students, staff or associates with the finer details of Child Criminal Exploitation & County Lines.

Seminars, workshops and assemblies can be tailored to suit the needs of any organisation with follow up interventions available if the situation arises.

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If a young person is involved in any criminal activities, then it could be GRAFTING. This is when what seems to be normal behaviour turns into illegal money-making schemes.

Anti-social behaviour can also creep into the realms which could be disruptive vandalism or violent conduct towards others. This is when exploitation has more possibilities to grow into serious criminal activity which increases risk and harm.

In my lived and professional experience there’s a common thread of wanting to fit in, vulnerability and cannabis misuse from an early age which then leads to poor decision making.

#spot the signs
Change in appearance
New friends
Extra money
Arrogant behaviour

Out of town

This is nothing new from a drug and crime perspective. People have always travelled across borders to sell drugs and commit crime. County lines or out of town however is much different nowadays. This due to children as young as 11 or 12 being forced to commit criminal acts across neighbouring borders or in some cases 100’s of miles away.

#spot the signs
Not coming home
Staying away at weekends
Appearance change
Bad hygiene

Going County

This is another term used in the realms of County Lines. It’s a reference to crossing county lines.

If you notice road maps or receipts from service stations discarded or hidden in a child’s / teenager’s bedroom, then alarm bells should ring.

#spot the signs
Road maps
Second phone
Burner phone
Drug paraphernalia

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Paul's is completely driven to support the most vulnerable and stigmatised groups in our society, with a particular specialism on supporting children and families who are at risk of criminal exploitation.

Dr Lorna Brookes (Time Matters UK)

Lord Jonathan Sacks: "We are not defined by what happens to us. There is always a choice, and by exercising the strength to choose, we can rise above fate" ...."Don't wait for the world to get better. Take the initiative yourself. The world is waiting for you."
Young people have a choice: Between a blessing and a curse. This website leads to a blessing. The alternative is the curse of a slow, increasingly isolated, painful, lingering decent into prison, devastating Ill- health, nothingness and death

(Hon) Professor Iain Goldrein QC LLD (Hon) FRSA

Paul helped me to understand the intersection between culture, meaning and narrative, with a particular emphasis on adolescent/street life in Liverpool.
His honesty and undoubted integrity is evident in his approach to working with young people and he is tireless in his efforts to identify and nurture the potential successes of others