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Paul's is completely driven to support the most vulnerable and stigmatised groups in our society, with a particular specialism on supporting children and families who are at risk of criminal exploitation.

Dr Lorna Brookes (Time Matters UK)

Lord Jonathan Sacks: "We are not defined by what happens to us. There is always a choice, and by exercising the strength to choose, we can rise above fate" ...."Don't wait for the world to get better. Take the initiative yourself. The world is waiting for you."
Young people have a choice: Between a blessing and a curse. This website leads to a blessing. The alternative is the curse of a slow, increasingly isolated, painful, lingering decent into prison, devastating Ill- health, nothingness and death

(Hon) Professor Iain Goldrein QC LLD (Hon) FRSA

Paul helped me to understand the intersection between culture, meaning and narrative, with a particular emphasis on adolescent/street life in Liverpool.
His honesty and undoubted integrity is evident in his approach to working with young people and he is tireless in his efforts to identify and nurture the potential successes of others